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Declaring War on Obesity

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Declaring War on Obesity

Most health care professionals agree that men with more tha 25 percent body fat and women with more than 30 percent body fat are considered obese. Nowadays when you go to the doctor for a physical they check your Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI is an accurate measurement of your overall fitness. BMI calculates your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. BMI determines whether or not you are obese.

Body fat distribution is a major concern in the health care profession as well as how much is being distributed. Excess abdominal body fat is a major risk factor for disease. When fat accumulates in women around their hips they have a "pear shape" appearance. In men the fat accumulates mainly in their bellies and have an "apple shape" appearance. Look up "diseases of the abdomen , associated with obesity" in the internet. You won't want to overeat anymore.

Obesity occurs when a peron is consuming more calories than the body is burning off. Do you know you only need enough fuel to get you to your next meal. A person should not eat until they are stuffed and cannot breath or move. Eat slow, don't fill your plates with huge portions of food, take small portions at one time and before filling up your plate again, evaluate whether you are still hungry or not. You should always leave the table still a bit hungry, eventually your stomach will shrink and be able to only hold small amounts of food. Try it, it really works, Declare War on Obesity!

Obesity tends to run in families today because parents teach their children all the wrong eating habits or just do not teach their childen how to make smart and healthy eating choices while they are young. Instead obese parents share with their children lifestyle habits that contribute to obesity. The saddest thing to see besides an obese adult is an obese child. Mothers, teach your children how to make smart healthy eating choices while they are young and still growing.

I have seen obese children on television and have heard their stories about how they hated their lives growing up. The peer pressure was unbearable, they were made fun of because of the sizes of their lunch boxes and lunch. They spoke about being lonely because no one wanted to hang around with them. Romantic Relationships were few and far apart and most often for all the wrong reasons. No one asked them to the prom because they were embarrassed to be seen together. What a way to rememer your childhood, what a memory to have to live with, what a sad way for a child to grow up. It dosen't end there, you go through the same vicious cycle as an adult and it is worst because the bigger you get, the bigger you look. Declare war on Obesity!

Being obese has many disadvantages as we all know. We may have a closet full of clothing but nothing fits us anymore or we don't like the way it looks nor the way the bulges hang out. Obese people are not permitted to go on amusement park rides, must be a certain weight, can't go on elevators because they can only hold so much weight, can't go on an airplane because it can only hold so much weight. Can't fit into certain cars and not too many people want you in their car, for fear they might get a flat tire and or side will be tilted because of all the weight shift on one side.

If you become ill and have to be admitted into the hospital, you might have a abd experience. A special overweight bed will have to be ordered. When you need to be transported anywhere an emergency team of about 4-5 staff members will have to be uttilized or the test will have to be performed at the bedside. You will have difficulty performing activities of daily living by yourself and would need some assistance with activities of daily living, something to think about. And the list goes on and on and on, and we keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Declare War on Obesity! There is this quote I always use, because I live by it and I grew up by it, "It is not our fault the way we were raised, but it is our fault the way we turn out".

There are so many programs out there for us to get help if we are obese or on the way to becoming obese and want to end the war. Sometimes we just loose control of our eating habits and feel we are too far gone and there is no help for us, not true. Declare War on Obesity! Go into the internet and look up "The Ph Factor and the battle of the bulge, a good way to start is by reading up on obesity. If you feel you are losing control or have lost control, there is always "Weight Watchers" and it could be for life if you want it to be.

Weight Watchers is a safe scientifically proven measured way of losing weight at a safe rate and reaching your estimated goal and keeping it off. You not only lose weight but learn to eat healthy and make smart choices for daily living and eating. Those fast diets don't work, they are not realistic and not always safe.

Another smart way to go is the "Mediterranean diet, eating fruits and vegetable and less meat, low caloric foods and eating in moderation. Whatever method you choose to lose weight, and keep it off, make sure it is a wise and healthy way and works for you. Remember, whatever way you choose to lose weight you must first consult with your primary physician and seek his approval, very important. Remember always "Declare War on Obesity!" Become a Winner!

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